Chic Puppies
Chic's Move Over ("MeMe")
Chic Kees takes every precaution prior to breeding to ensure quality, healthy puppies. Extensive genetic and health testing is completed and the 'right' male is selected. As a result, Chic Kees are sweet, loving, extremely active, and extraordinarily intelligent.
From the day the puppies are born until the puppies go to their new homes, Chic follows "Another Piece of the Puzzle: Puppy Development" by Pat Hastings. Puppies are handled every day. When they begin hearing, the radio is set on different stations and plays constantly. A CD of sounds is played to ensure puppies are used to hearing a wide range of noises, such as thunder, baby noises, cars, etc. Puppies are introduced to a mixture of items, including a puppy teeter totter, puppy jump, puppy tunnel, puppy slide, and other fun pieces of equipment. They are placed on various surfaces and are constantly introduced to all types of new objects. Owners of puppies from Chic Kees can attest to how well socialized and well-adjusted their puppies are.
Chic puppies receive a temperament and structure evaluation at eight weeks of age and homes are selected accordingly. Chic puppies receive puppy shots, full health exam, including patella evaluations and heart exams, prior to being released to their new homes. Each new home receives a booklet of information and is encouraged to call or email with questions.
As an AKC Breeder of Merit, member of the Keeshond Club of America (KCA), and newly-appointed member of the KCA Breeders' Education Committee, Chic Kees maintains very high  ethical and moral standards throughout the breeding program.
If you are interested in a Chic puppy or have any questions, please call (502) 216-9067 or email
CH Chic's Prima Belladonna CGCA ("Diva" at 7 weeks of age
Chic's Purrsonal Dancer ("Puppet") snoozing